The Discovery Day – Round 2



Today was Round 2 for HPSS staff on Discovery.  The staff members that had taken part in Round 1 – got to sit down in the National Library with Steve (Excited Puppy Level: Normal)


and discuss what our experiences of starting a new school/job.  We dug dig into what we think will be important to have in place for our new hpss students.  The real sense of community and making sure that our students have connections to others in their learning community/hub.  We were all on the same page about making the transition for students easy and that we make the space of the school – somewhere they can grow and feel natured to grow.

Now down to the exciting part of the day…


….than after that mind blowing, artery clogging, yumminess was the EDUCATIONAL mind blowing afternoon at THE MIND LAB

I do not want to start off bragging but hell modesty does not get your name in the paper…or on Twitter @GeoMouldey.  However, Bryce and myself did take out the first challenge of programming our robot to move around the obstacle course.  I give props to the driver of the Robot – Bryce…Sally would want a re-start but that is another story.

So let’s back track…

Robots?  Races?  Greatness…..whoa Jill did you miss out on some information in this post?  I sure did!  So here is my “pop up need to know” learning moment. Our team were introduced to the Mind Lab and their space.  They are there to allow for students to explore current technology aspects such as 3D modelling, robotics, stop animation, etc that perhaps their schools are unable to fund due to the nature of the cost of the set up.

The team at The Mind Lab – allowed for provocation to occur about how to programme our robots.  We are competitive in nature our team was so it was not like their was blood or even robotic oil on the track but it BEGAN US TO DO SOMETHING.  That something was learning programming.  Heck I have never programmed before unless it was the microwave when the power went out and even those times can be frustrating.  Yet, this was not! There were those “in time” moments of teaching where they explained small aspects of the programme when it needed to know them but they allowed us to EXPLORE, MAKE SENSE, PROTYPE, TEST our theories.  I loved it.  I defo got ramped up to see these processes of our Learning Design Model with our future students at HPSS.  Next year is just around the corner and I know that we at HPSS are “tots amaze balls” to be in this moment of time for NZ education!


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