Rain can not damper our run!

Today I woke up to the sound of rain on the roof of my flat…the alarm went off on my phone – hmmmmm roll over or hit bootcamp.  Bootcamp it was and got my frustrations out on the pads and some random gal named Katherine.  Opps – perhaps I should of apologized to her afterwards or thank her because I felt my energy levels back to normal.  Ready to see what the SLL team can bring to the table today and bring back my focus to the “dungeon” room.

The focus came down to a quite narrow path,  for myself that day, however with the help of Di and the rest of the team – I came out realizing that the true concepts of Maths were some that I assumed students should be able to do in the years leading up to Secondary school.  I had to let go of the idea of strains which I thought I had already done with my de schooling.  Once we got on the roll of breaking down all the learning areas ( there was a lot of post its and colour coding) it was amazing how many more links we could see across curricular connections.  The next thing for us to do is come back to the cork wall of colour and see if we agree with the concepts.


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