My Tribe

So this week I have come to realise more and more that I am a part of many tribes however I have found my educational tribe. 

I have had great leaders since starting my educational journey and each of them have moulded me in some aspect.  These people have inspired myself to be teacher.  Yet since becoming one – I have been trying to search out my tribe that gets me as a teacher – or at least what I believe teachers should be.  There has been other teachers that I came across that had those views, drive and curiosity so became a tribe of two or three.  Not particular a strong presence some others would say but we did  motivate change and put things into practice.    However our energy became drained when butting heads with others and my tribe members either “died” or decided to seek their own tribe at another location. 

Coming to Hobsonville Point Secondar School – I finally feel free to be able to express my ideas and for others to be receptive of it.  Give me great positive critical feedback and also a laugh.  I realise that Maurie, Lea, Claire and Di did a great job appointing us.  Props! I am grateful that I have found my tribe that will allow myself to grow, be curious, and drive my passion! 


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