Week 3 – So much information – thinking I am missing a day

This week has been the most thought provoking since starting three weeks ago.  Monday we learned through Julia about our dominance thinking- I am a 1211.  It was great reading about the spheres and how some of the truly characteristics of each colour applied to myself.  I also realised to balance the stressful issues in my life I need perhaps to build on my practical skills and not run down the rational route.  

Tuesday and Wednesday – we got down to the “I” statements about Hobsonville Point Habits.  That was great – I loved the round table discussions but I found that we needed to pull back on focusing or narrowing down to what these statements should like look for the students.  Rome was not built in a day but at some point all of us thought perhaps we could 🙂 

Thursday – We went to visit Albany Senior High School – and it brought a confirmation to myself and I believe others on the team that we are going the right direction with our values and vision.  Stylo learning communes does not encompass cross curricular learning.  Divisions in the teaching areas can still be seen – does this allow for connections to be easily made?

The one statement that I really enjoyed that I saw up on the wall was the idea that when as a teacher that the skills you taught in a class meant that the knowledge was directly passed onto the students? 


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