Does this scare you?

Does this look scary?

Today was day that got this image in my head.  Thinking about the What, How and Why? questions when it came to the values of Hobsonville Point Secondary School.  I was daunted at first…actually stated to perhaps sweat started underneath the arms.  I was always told what the values should look like in practice at schools that I taught at.  The ability to be apart of the vision of what it should like freaked me.  I knew it was coming – not like I was thrown into the deep end but it is so much easier to agree with the practice of the values when they have been already in place.  The hard work was done for me.  Yes – I did question at other schools if that is what they should look like but never quite felt like my voice was being acknowledged but more like Charlie Brown’s teacher voice in their ear.

However I feel positive about the process now after today’s session with the team.  Did not want the discussion to end 🙂


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