The Met School – Ideas that Jumped Out!


Dennis Littky – co -founder of the Met School in Rhode Island

We were given a handout to read about the brief overview of Big Picture School called the Met.

There were two steps that really jumped out at me:

1) Foster Questions , not answers:  We need to step away from the “spoon feeding” aspect that we get trapped in as educations because we are scared of being ranked or rated by our Principles, parents and the outside community.  Students do not learn how question – they learn how to regurgitate educators thoughts and “right” answers.  We need to move away from showing them the questions to seek out the questions and answers themselves.

2) Support Great Teachers.  Maurie, Claire, Lea and Di have all said this about us.  It is hard to hear sometimes because I have been in an environment where they told me I was great but would not allow myself the space to grow and wonder down the path of exploration because results is what mattered at the end of it.   It has been hard to get of the mind frame of being allowed to explore my thoughts and be in a room with like minded people! I feel like I should be marking, do administration, calling home and having a meeting at the end of each and single day for the sake of meetings! :S 


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