Rambles of my Mind…

Values, Views, Visions – The 3 Vs


All these words have been floating out in conversations that we have been having over the past 7 days.  Being analytical minded – need a clear definition of what theses words mean.


Value  -relative worth, merit, or importance



Vision- the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be



View – an instance of seeing or beholding



What do I value as a teacher?


  • Curiosity
  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Light bulb moment
  • Personal interactions


I found since being a teacher some of these aspects that I love have been dulled by my environment.  I could see my personality as an individual be left at the door at the start of my career because “do not smile till November” mentality.  Well that was short lived when I realized that personal interactions were not being fulfilled.  That was the main reason I got into teaching.  The one on one tutoring in University with High School students – I loved being able to show someone that a skill was not that difficult when you could break it down and be able to achieve the skill.  I realized that not all skills were that easy and not all students were able to achieve what academically was thought to be achievement.  Yet – I became to realize that even a change in the attitude to the subject or the skill was success that others thought was failure because the skill was not gained. 

I was mentally becoming drained in the past year with my career.  I love to problem solve – scarily it is what I find relaxing and a true passion. I was taking on everything and trying to solve the big questions. I realized quickly that the big questions needed to be striped back and the basics needed to be looked at.  However, people wanted the pathway – the quickest not necessarily the solution – which allowed success to be seen.  It was a way to paint in a cheery colour that we were helping out the students.  We were succeeding.  We being the wrong pronoun…..

I felt like I was battling colleagues that should of known that education is for our students and still for us too.  We never stop learning…our methods have to change and adapt depending on what is in front of us.  Like the weather in New Zealand we have to be ready for change.


These past 7 days have been great to have open discussions about student centre learning…even better just to be able to de –school our brain.  I have felt like a turtle – trying to hide in my shell at times because I have been anxious about being busy or I should be doing something.  Di said it was like that for the 4 of them when they started.  Being able to de –school will take about a month.  I just have to keep telling myself that I need to breath.  While breathing take it in that this is an amazing time in my career and I should be enjoying it not wishing to get busy.  So what I shall do tonight after writing this – is enjoy my time – plus some professional reading.  Which what I want to do not feel like I have to do 🙂



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