My Tribe

So this week I have come to realise more and more that I am a part of many tribes however I have found my educational tribe.  I have had great leaders since starting my educational journey and each of them have moulded me in some aspect.  These people have inspired myself to be teacher.  Yet … More My Tribe


Design Thinking in Teaching – We had a great opportunity yesterday to explore the thought process that goes into designing a concept… We had to draw and sketch a lot so I thought I would try to see if I could represent our day on Monday through my illustrations .

Week 3 – So much information – thinking I am missing a day

This week has been the most thought provoking since starting three weeks ago.  Monday we learned through Julia about our dominance thinking- I am a 1211.  It was great reading about the spheres and how some of the truly characteristics of each colour applied to myself.  I also realised to balance the stressful issues in … More Week 3 – So much information – thinking I am missing a day

Does this scare you?

Does this look scary? Today was day that got this image in my head.  Thinking about the What, How and Why? questions when it came to the values of Hobsonville Point Secondary School.  I was daunted at first…actually stated to perhaps sweat started underneath the arms.  I was always told what the values should look … More Does this scare you?

Rambles of my Mind…

Values, Views, Visions – The 3 Vs   All these words have been floating out in conversations that we have been having over the past 7 days.  Being analytical minded – need a clear definition of what theses words mean.   Value  -relative worth, merit, or importance     Vision- the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be     View – an instance of seeing or beholding     What … More Rambles of my Mind…